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Love Label for women and Let Love Lead are our Lotus Clothes Collections with handwoven materials. All clothes are handmade. 

All our clothes carry the power of the lotus flower. They are a talisman of love, lightness and joy.  You will feel it. You won't change your clothes anymore. 

About Love Label

A lot of love and well-feeling to you. Wear this clothes and you will be dressed-up. Show your beauty, fell you, be you. You will love our clothes and you will miss them if you don‘t wear them all day. 

Love is always, love will always be. Feel pampered and loved. Be worth it to wear Love Label.

About Let Love Lead

Love, healing, men feeling good wear. Feel soft, love and clear. Feel light and relaxed. Be in a holiday mood wherever you go. Get inspired and be dressed up. Let Love Lead. Love is your Power. Love is man Power.

Be free and happy. Be yourself.