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Love around the World unsere Mission und Yoga-/Lifestyle Kollektion

We refined our journey with the Lotus Clothes Collections in Goa when I, Lara, arrived in Bali it was clear that we wanted to embody the New World energy that carries so much ease and joy in our new Yoga/Lifestyle Clothes Collections. Alexandra and Maya Bernardi already told me a few years ago that they see a yoga collection for Bernardi. In Bali it was clear that we would produce our new Love around the World Yoga/Lifestyle Collections with bamboo fabrics. This sustainably produced fabric carries a lot of purity and is very comfortable to wear on the skin. It also gives yoga clothes such as leggings and tank tops a great fit.

We are proud to present you the Love around the World Collection. It is a great collection which spends you a lot of purity, lightness and joy. Come along on the journey and let the comfort of this collection convince you. 


Love Label and Herzlotus are our Lotus Clothes Collections with handwoven fabrics. All clothes are handmade. 

This clothes carry the power of the lotus flower. They are a talisman of love, lightness and joy.  You will feel it. You won't change your clothes anymore. You will love our clothes and you will miss them if you don‘t wear them all day. 

Love is always, love will always be. Feel pampered and loved.